Clinical Roles


Patients who need an ambulance can expect to come into contact with one or more clinical staff depending on their condition.



Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA)


Ambulance Care Assistants (ACAs) crew non-emergency patient transport ambulances.



Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT1)


Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs) and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT1s) drive ambulances under emergency conditions and support the work of other clinical staff.  They also crew Urgent Care Service (UCS) ambulances.


Ambulance Technician / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT3)


Ambulance Technicians / Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT3) respond to emergency and urgent calls. They often work with a Paramedic and will assess, diagnose and treat patients during the journey to hospital.  In addition, they undertake inter-hospital transfers, admissions and discharges.

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